What is Nutrigenomix?

Diet and lifestyle are two long-standing pillars of information for many nutritional protocols. How we heal, naturally, depends on who we are, what we eat and how we live. Nutrigenomics goes a step further in studying the relationships between our bodies and their reaction to nutrients on a genetic level. The accent therefore falls on the intricacies of gene expression, specific (like genes themselves) to each individual.

How can Nutrigenomix help you?

Changing your eating habits based on what your body genetically may need or reject, can become a powerful tool in targeting issues specific to your body and can save the time and resources invested in a more general approach to long term health.

How does the test work?

Because the analysis is of your genes, all that is needed is a small swab of saliva. This will then be genotyped (analysed genetically) by a CLIA certified laboratory for 70 different genes which will become the blueprint for a personalised report for you and your health practitioner.

Available Tests :

  • Personalised Nutrition and Fitness Test
  • Personalised Nutrition Skin Health Test
  • Personalised Sports Nutrition and Performance Test
  • Personalised Nutrition for Fertility Test
  • Plant-based Personalised Nutrition and Fitness Report – Personalized nutrition recommendations designed to suit the dietary needs of both vegans and vegetarians.
  • Skin test – Helps determine how genes can influence the skin’s ability to combat signs of aging, as well as markers that affect eating habits and how the body metabolizes nutrients that support skin health.

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