Nutrition is a crucial aspect to understanding your body’s rhythms and responses to certain foods. What you eat, how often and how much, impacts your body and wellbeing directly. Because we aim to encourage your body to heal itself, nutrition will play a key role in helping us better understand your queries and distinguish what works for you as an individual.

What does a consultation consist of?

Initial Consultation:

The purpose of our first meeting will be a discussion of your aims, health history, and the opportunity for us to attain sound grounding of the priorities at hand. We will require you to complete a food diary and case history form prior, to ensure our time is used efficiently.

The consultation lasts approximately for 1.5 hours.

Follow-up Consultation(s):

Our next meeting(s) will be organised as soon as your body has had significant time, generally this is a period of 4 to 6 weeks, to adjust to your new naturopathic plan or after the receipt of test results, should laboratory testing be required. This is an opportunity to track your progress, readjust or address any worries you may have.

This consultation lasts for 1 hour.

Client Support 

Throughout your experience with us, we will do our best to bridge the gap between access to professional and industry-leading healthcare and your personal journey to recovery. As a client, you have the option of receiving supplements from us directly (delivery included), as well as wellness products, should you require something specific from one of our trusted partners. All consultations and laboratory testing can be done at home or wherever is convenient for you.

Our goal at SomaOmnia is to support and enhance your recovery at all times and ensure that you are kept informed on what concerns your specific situation (be that recent research, articles, flexible lifestyle options), which your practitioner will provide you with, or which is available through our website.

We prioritise our clients throughout all stages of their health experience with us. If there is a service or product you require outside of our capacities, we will ensure to redirect you to someone who can help you further. This is relevant for initial consultations/clients as well as returning ones.

Nutritional Consultation Prices

Full nutritional consultation: 2 hours – £95.

Includes: full nutritional profile, FREE iHeart reading, recommendations for 2 tests, supplementation and wellness products.

*Please Note: The prices quoted above are for the Berkshire area only (excluding Skype). For all other locations please contact SomaOmnia directly for a quote.


SomaOmnia provides tailored guidance and advice on children’s nutrition, allergies/food intolerances support, fitness regime, sports-specific nutrition, training needs and any problematic issues.


Personalised nutrition consultation with a naturopathic nutritional plan , including food and lifestyle recommendations, supplementation, functional, laboratory & genetic test recommendations, ethical wellbeing products.


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