Yelena Paul created SomaOmnia (Mango Fitness) as a children’s health and wellness company in 2008, while holding sports classes at her daughter’s school. The wealth of talent and diverse abilities inspired the integration of personal training and nutritional advice into SomaOmnia’s functional approach to health. Working parallel as a personal trainer in smaller as well as luxury sports clubs, Yelena established a diverse following of female clients, servicing adults and children accumulating over 25 years of experience in (pre/post) natal, pre-conception, (peri/post) menopause, pregnancy and children’s health.

Throughout her career as a PT, Yelena consistently referred to nutrition, the principals of which she often integrated into her clients’ performance and recovery. Nutrition has long been a key element to achieving her personal and professional goals, made possible by the foundation Yelena acquired while studying for her MA degree in Physical Education, with specialization in three fields; Physical Rehabilitation, Track and Field Coaching and Teaching P.E. The demand for an uncompromising understanding of biochemistry, anatomy, psychology and physiology (among other subjects) was formative in Yelena’s preparation as a health professional, but also in her self-discipline for continuously pursuing new research and approaches to understanding the human body. This is what drove Yelena to undertake a diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2016.

Alongside her academic studies, Yelena has actively sought to expand and challenge what SomaOmnia can offer its clients, through attending numerous conferences, seminars and workshops within and outside the UK. Along the way, SomaOmnia has established strong relationships with the likes of Biolab, Invivo Healthcare, Nordic Laboratories, Omega Quant, Great Plains Laboratory, Regenerus Labs, Genova Diagnostics, Functional Dx, ensuring that our clients not only have access to the latest clinical insights and products, but also to international bastions of leading research and technologies.

Notable Fitness qualifications and certificates:

1989 – 1993 – Master of Arts in Physical Education with Honors (SCOLIPE)

2003 – 2016 Completion of the following programs and certificates (awarding body):

  • Antenatal & Postnatal Gym Trainer (YMCA)
  • Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription (Burrell Education)
  • Power Plate level 1 (Power Plate)
  • Certified Power Plate Trainer course (Power Plate)
  • Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription for Power Plate fitness trainers (Burrell Education)

2008 – Coach Bursary Award by Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

2012 – ‘Fitness for Children’ CYQ L2 certificate

Notable Nutrition qualifications and certificates:

1989 – 1993 – Master of Arts in Physical Education with Honors (SCOLIPE) Sports Medicine, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Sports Nutrition

2016 – 2020 – Nutrition Therapy, CNM London

Most recent training/ education:

19 Sept , 2019 – Certificate in Advanced Topics in Organic Acids Test (OAT) Assessment. 
12 /13 Oct , 2019 – Certificate in Organic Acids & Environmental Toxins Workshop, Biolab & GPL Academy
10 June , 2019 – Certificate of Attendance in “Basic Pharmacology & Drug Nutrient Interactions”, Integrative Health Education. 
13 July , 2019 – Certificate of Completion “ISNN NGx Training Course”, ISNN , University of Cambridge. 
28 Sept , 2019 – “Nutrigenomics Masterclass : Nutrient Core” , LifecodeGx
31 May , 2020 – Certificate in “Nutrigenomics : Genetic Testing in Personalised Nutrition ” & Dietitians of Canada .
29 Jan , 2020 – Certificate of Training in “Digestive Enzyme Therapy in GI disorders” .
17 March , 2020 – Certificate in CPD , “20- Module Nutritional Supplement Programme” & Pharma Nord.
06 June , 2020 – Certificate in “Introduction to Mycotherapy Course” & Hifas da Terra .


SomaOmnia provides tailored guidance and advice on children’s nutrition, allergies/food intolerances support, fitness regime, sports-specific nutrition, training needs and any problematic issues.


Personalised nutrition consultation with a naturopathic nutritional plan , including food and lifestyle recommendations, supplementation, functional, laboratory & genetic test recommendations, ethical wellbeing products.


Become a SomaOmnia member today. Contact Yelena for information and gain access to a wide range of benefits to help you look and feel great.