Do you take medication?

Do you take any medication?
Do you know, that certain class of drugs can not be taken with certain herbs, minerals , vitamins?

Certain medications also  can reduce the absorption of specific  nutrients in the gut by binding to them before they’re absorbed into the blood stream .

Other drugs block the nutrient’s effects or production at the cellular level.

Some medications  also can increase the loss of nutrients through the urinary system.

How and where can you find more information about supplements/drugs interactions?
  • At SomaOmnia, all clients protocols, who use any type of medication, HRT including , has to be approved by pharmacist.
  • As a Health and Wellness Practitioner,  who got different experience in health, fitness and nutrition, I also got 3 other certificates-
  • ” Basic Pharmacology and Drug Nutrient Interactions Course”.
  • ” CYP Enzymes Demystified Masterclass”.
  • ” Supporting Clients on PPIs e- course”.
  • You can book your free 30 min phone consultation to find out more .