Specific Nutrition for Training Tips.

My “favorites” for my own training regime –

Reishi and King Cordyceps.

I train since age 7, and have competed since I was 14.
I used different sport specific supplements to support my training/recovery regime.
But these two – are something “outrageous”..

I can not compare Cordyceps with any supplement I ever taken previously…apart from maybe Tru niagen…but I guess, it’s also related to training session structure, sets, reps, weight…And more as they have different ways to regulate/support my training/ performance.

Reishi I have started taking recently, but I feel a difference in recovery, plus some other symptoms I had…started to disappear….
Recovery after training is faster, I train 5-6 times in a week…
I am not 20 or 30 yo anymore…so not much time for guessing, nature/ science are amazing combo..
Anyway, Hifas da Terra S.L. rocks…
All Hifas products can be ordered for the individual client protocols.