Founded in 1979 by an impassioned apiculturist, Propolia are a French brand specialising in nutritional and cosmetic apitherapy products made to European and French organic standards. All products are formulated and manufactured in France with Propolia’s sister company Apimab Laboratories, and the most stringent care is taken in choosing the apiculturists who supply the raw products. Among the five ‘pearls’ of the beehive which can each be bought in purified form as well as incorporated into formulated products are; Royal Jelly, beeswax, honey, pollen and the original inspiration for the company – propolis.

This uniquely nutritious and rare substance is a vegetal resin harvested from flowers by bees, however unlike honey is not a product of the bees themselves. Inside the hive (hence its Greek name pro-polis: ‘before the city’), propolis provides an interior shield protecting the colony from infection, predators as well as regulating the internal temperature of the hive. The use of propolis as a medical substance can be traced back to Ancient Egypt where its anti-microbial and healing qualities made it a useful component in mummification rituals and embalmment. Henceforth it has reappeared throughout history for immunoregulatory uses in combat and as treatment for various skin infections. The strong antibiotic qualities it possesses renders it ideal for warding off colds, but also in topical application, where it stimulates healing processes and disinfects the skin.



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