SomaOmnia Newsletter 2019

SomaOmnia Newsletter 2019

2018 has been an incredibly busy, intense and inspirational year for us.

It began with a seminar in London, led by Cambridge Nutritional Sciences concerning a new test called the Adrenal Function Profile. This test is very useful in assessing (and managing) stress levels as well as the hormones concerned.

In June, SomaOmnia attended the Functional Sports Nutrition conference, which we have been attending for a long time. Specific supplements in sports and why athletes require supplements was the main subject of the conference this time.

SomaOmnia cooperation with healthcare company Invivo Clinical continues and gets more exciting every year!

The highlight lecture for 2018 was Dr David Brady’s seminar organised by Invivo Clinical The Integrative Approach to Autoimmune Disease, in which the GI microbiome, disorders associated with dysbiosis and intestinal hyperpermeability were all addressed.

The GI-MAP test featured as one of the most specific and detailed tests available to manage certain autoimmune conditions.

SomaOmnia are already successfully using GI-MAP test for their clients for almost 3 years!

Another amazing presentation, hosted by Invivo Clinical, which SomaOmnia was invited to was Meeting of Minds centred around advancements in the assessment of the gastrointestinal microbiome, GI MAP 2.0 stool test specification / newer, updated version/.

 “DNA sequencing used in this test allows for superior sensitivity and specificity in the detection of fifteen of the most common causes of gastroenteritis as well as other chronic diseases” (Invivo Clinical)

Additionally, new Designs for Health products were presented during both seminars, among which featured advanced probiotics, with specific strains in mind and superior bioavailability.

The “” evening from Invivo Clinical was a fabulous event about a new polyphenolic range of products designed “with human ecology in mind” and “the beautiful synergy between humans, microbes, plants and fungi” (Invivo Clinical).

One of the most interesting products for my clients is Bio.Me femme, one of a range of five Phytobiotics, specifically for the female microbiome, which as a Health and Wellness Practitioner I use in certain personalised protocols already.

Towards the end of the year, I attended the Olympia Beauty Expo, where I discovered new range of bodycare  – Organic skincare products from Scandinavia, which become very popular among our clients already!!

I was also lucky enough to attend an event in Kingston, led by one of the U.K.’s leading nutritionist’s, Christine Bailey who recently released her new book My Kids Can’t Eat That! In accompaniment to the book’s release, the seminar touched upon nutrient deficiencies in children, the diverse reactions to certain foods and most importantly the differences between food allergies and food sensitivities.  Lifestyle changes and new recipes been suggested too.

Changing the Game in Breast Cancer Prevention was yet another insightful seminar SomaOmnia attended. Dr Eccles, who presented the seminar, addressed breast cancer risks and different options for breast cancer screening. One of the most efficient of these screenings is medical infrared thermal imaging/breast thermography. This seminar not only highlighted the varieties of screenings available but also how important the specificity of each situation can be in finding the appropriate solution for every individual. This of course includes testing and supplements also.

2018 also marked the year that SomaOmnia joined the Bee Green ethical directory, with Bee Green Lifestyle magazine. All our protocols will now be composed mostly of organic, ethical, and ecologically friendly products and supplements where possible.

Additionally, SomaOmnia is proud to be an advocate and member of the Biodynamic association, promoting an ecologically-conscious approach to healing that is founded on nature’s own rhythms and remedies.

All in all, 2018 ended with a bang! Food Matters Live was SomaOmnia’s final exposition of the year boasting an impressive array of innovating minds.

Professor Christine Edwards of Glasgow University presented one of the most insightful lectures of the day concerning maternal and infant health and wellbeing. I also discovered Wellness Lab whose amazing Probiotic Superfood Powders SomaOmnia now stock and are very excited to bring to my clients in 2019 full series of them.

Thank you to everyone who made 2018 for what it was! SomaOmnia looks forward to the rest of 2019 hopefully, excited for the upcoming opportunities to enrich ourselves with the latest research, technology and products! A happy and healthy 2019 to our readers 😊